• Process industry (food, chemicals, etc.)
  • Hotels, spas and hospitals
  • Large residential buildings
  • Swimming pools
  • School buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial cleaning and laundry companies
  • Energy producers

The additional thermal energy can be channeled into building services or used as a source of process heat in industry.

A soblue PVT Kollektor B Warmwasserspeicher C Wärmeenergie (z.B. Boiler, Heizung, Brauchwarmwasser) D Elektrische Energie (z.B. Verbraucher oder Batterie)

A · soblue Multi-NRG Panel
B · buffer storage
C · heat pumpe
D · hot water storage
E · heat energy (e.g. hot water or process heat)
F · electrical energy (e.g. consumer or battery)

Our patented soblue solution is based on an extremely efficient concept that captures heat without using any harmful additives or resources. Glass, concrete and water are the main building blocks of the soblue system. The entire surface of photovoltaic panels is cooled, guaranteeing a higher energy yield than conventional PV panels. What’s more, the heat captured with this concept can be used as warm water for building services or a source of process heat in industry.

The soblue revolution of solar energy

Advantages soblue Multi-NRG Panel

  • Electricity yield increased by up to 20%
  • Up to 65% of solar irradiation converted into valuable thermal heat
  • Easy to install
  • Coolant is pure water (without additives)

The stipulated yields were found under laboratory conditions (1.000 W/m2 irradiation, 25°C, Tcoll – Tamb = -10°C, wind 1.3 m/s, aperture area of 2.08 m2 ect.) Test series TÜV Rheinland report 21249234.003, 20th April 2020. Standard EN ISO 9806:2017

All measurements given in mm


TÜV-approved according to EN ISO 9806:2017 and IEC 61730:2016

  • PV Safety Classification
  • PVT General requirements
  • PVT efficiency test
  • Hail resistance test

According to TÜV-Rheinland, the soblue PVT hybrid collector offers ‘the highest energy yield among all flat solar energy collection systems in the market’ (April 2020).