We wanted a better solution
for the whole world

Efficient and affordable solar energy:
A new approach

After analyzing conventional heat exchanger concepts, photovoltaic modules and hybrid collectors, one thing quickly became clear to us: there is an urgent need for improvements. Too often, energy is wasted, valuable waste heat is lost unused and the use of environmentally harmful chemicals poses an unnecessary risk. In addition, the installation of various photovoltaic and solar thermal panels on roofs is not only inefficient, but also perceived as unattractive.

Projects to date

We wanted a better solution for the whole world. And we developed an inexpensive and highly effective system that harnesses most of the sun's energy. Renewable and fossil-free!

We wanted to significantly increase the efficiency of
solar modules

We were convinced that the advantages of photovoltaics - the generation of electricity - could be combined with those of solar thermal energy - the generation of thermal energy. And we are certain that ­solar technology must be intelligent, sensitive and sustainable.

One thing is important to us: our solutions should be affordable. Because one thing is priceless: our world with its limited resources. That's why we rely on a unique technological principle, pure water and the power of the sun. All it takes: a roof, or sufficient space.

Photo: Dritan Ramani, founder of soblue

soblue AG was founded in 2015 by the inventor and visionary Dritan Ramani. His mission was to transform a groundbreaking idea into a marketable product. In doing so, he created one of the most innovative companies in the solar technology industry.

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