After analyzing conventional heat exchanger concepts, photovoltaic modules and hybrid collectors, we quickly realized that things could be so much better. Too much energy is lost. Too much waste heat escapes unused. Existing solutions pump chemicals through homes, chemicals that are harmful to the environment. They also clutter roofs with photovoltaic and solar thermal panels that are not exactly a feast for the eyes. Our revolutionary development redefines the entire playing field.

One thing is extremely important to us: We want to offer our solutions at an affordable price tag. Because our world and its limited resources are priceless. This is why we are committed to a unique technological concept based simply on pure water and the sun’s energy. The only thing it needs is a roof. Or any other surface in fact.

so clever. so smart.

The people behind soblue

  • Dritan Ramani, Founder
  • Duri Bardola, President / CFO
  • Alex Bircher, CTO
eine solar-revolution